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TOMS Takes the USA

A 4 stage campaign created for the brand TOMS.

Stage 1 - Introduction of campaign.

Stage 2 - Event
The public can go and observe a over sized TOMS shoe being decorated by the particulars city chosen artist(an artist who's work truely represented that city)

Stage 3 - Voting
viewers can vote for their favorite design - pushed through facebook, the micro site, and interactive billboards through-out the cities to do so.

Stage 4 - Showcase / Limited Edition Sales
The winning shoe will be pronounced The TOMS USA shoe - viewers can then purchase either the USA voted shoe or any of the special limited edition artist shoes for their favorite city.

The winning design would then be placed on bus wraps, subway floors, etc. to advertise the limited edition shoe.

*Note this was a collaborative project with Adela Ordonez - A Honduras exchange student*